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The Quaker Parrot is a small hookbill from the genus  Myiopsitta. Also known as the Monk parakeet, often referred to as a parakeet due to its long tail typical of the parakeets. The Quaker parrot is originally from temperate areas of South America and is a very gregarious bird and in the wild can be found in flocks of a few to several hundred birds. The Quaker parrot is a small bird of about 11-13in., mostly green and gray in colour with some of the hybrid birds available in different colours and shades. The Quaker may be small in size however it possess a personality of a much larger parrot and shares all the same traits and demands. They are very intelligent birds and require many activities and exercise out of the cage to keep them from becoming bored and developing behavioural problems. The Quaker can be very territorial and if more than one bird is planned in the household the Quaker must be socialized at an early age. They can be quite a vocal bird and can be taught many human words. The best time to start training to talk is when the bird is still young, for more info on teaching your Quaker Parrot to talk continue here: The Quaker Parrot diet should be as varied as possible with about 50-75% a good quality commercial pellet or crumble mix. The remainder of food offered should be a variety of vegetables, nuts and fruits If introduced at a young age these birds will accept a variety of food. Green leafy vegetables, corn, cooked beans and rice, carrots, and many fruits can be offered.

Birth Date: 09/12/08
11 weeks old
Gender: Unknown
Lovely feather and gorgeous tame pets
Weaned: Yes
Date Available:
Price: $390.00

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