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Hand Raised Parrots For Sale, Suspended Aviaries, brooders, cages, bird toys, dry fruit n nut mixes, pellet diets, hand rearing formulas, medications, worm out gels, lice+ mite sprays, calcivet liquid supplement, mineral blocks and more…


Eclectus, Alexandrines, Indian Ringnecks, Lacewings, Moustache, Sun Conures, Janday Conures, Quakers, Lorikeets, Varied Lorikeets, Greencheeks, Cinnamon Greencheeks, Black Capped Conures, Black Capped Lori, Dusky Lori, Chattering Lori, Black Cockatoos,

Black Headed Caiques, Amazons, Hahns Macaws and the most beautiful Blue & Gold Macaws...


Brooders, Bird Toys, Pet carriers, Nest boxes, S/steel feeders, Swivel Feeders, Clean Cup Feeders etc.

Food sorts: 

Pellets, Hand Rearing Formulas, Dry Fruit N Nut Mixes, Seeded Sticks, Lori formulas, Nectar Pellets


Worm out gels, Lice & mite sprays, Calcivet Liquid Supplements, Ornithon and much more…

Vibration Speaker
Teach Your Bird To Talk

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Baby African Grey Parrots For Sale

Major Mitchell For Sale

Gorgeous Blue & Gold Macaw

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Eclectus Female For Sale

Teach Your Bird to Talk

The Parrot Package Way...

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Great Feeders...Friendly Feeders

Wow...less mess. We've put them to the test.. and they are to be the best!

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Brooders for
Handraising Baby Birds

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Nature's Chew Toys and Perches

That Special Feathered Friend


Starter Package suitable for Eclectus,

Alexandrines & Moustache Parrots

Here at The Parrot Package all our babies

are hand raised in a family environment.

They have no fear of dogs, the vacuum cleaner, music or loud noises.

Stimulation is a main key here and babies are provided with lots of human interaction

Television, that can be viewed all day,every day.

A specialty being morning children’s shows, very colourful and lots of pleasant singing.

All babies are spoon fed and raised on
Roudybush formula.

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