Handraised Parrots For Sale

Date: April 2013

Species: Red Collar Olive Rainbow Lorikeet

Age: 14 wks old

Gender: unknown

Sexed:  No

Status: Happy little baby. Perfect in feather and visually   healthy

Does not like to be pat but does step up and come on call 

loves playing out of cage

Weaned: Yes


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Red Collar

Rainbow Lorikeet

Birth Date: 28/02/11

Species:  Red Collar Rainbow Lorikeet

Gender:  male

Sexed:  Surgically sexed (certificate provided)

Condition: Happy little baby. Perfect in feather and visually healthy

Weaned:  Yes

Date Available:  Mid May


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Birth Date: 09/11/09

Gender: Unknown

Sexed: No

Condition: Visually Healthy,very playful and full of fun.A lovely companion

Weaned: Yes..fed on nectar wet mix and fruit n veg mash

Date Available: Ready in 2 weeks


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